Yunnan πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ East-Tibet

A mountain bike adventure trip that is second to none.

Amazing colors – prayer flags along the trails

A week away from civilization on Buddhist pilgrimage paths through impressive mountains.

Descent from Doukela Pass at 4,500 meters above sea levels, there are approx. 108 switchbacks on the way down

With my friends Gerhard Czerner as well as You Tianlin and Arsenal from the Liteville Enduro Team China we went on the southern circuit of the Meili Snow Mountains (Kawa Karpo in Tibetan), from the Chinese province of Yunnan to the east of Tibet.

Pilgrimage around the Kawa Karpo Range

6 days without phone reception, just enjoyong nature with friends and incredibly friendly locals.

Hike-a-bike up to the Duokela pass on over 4,500m above sea level

Hike-a-bike and carrying our bikes for days in the thin mountain air rewarded us with flowy singletrack descents and impressions that burned into our memories.

One of many flowy singletracks on our pilgrimage

This trip is currently only possible for Chinese citizens, foreigners unfortunately do not receive the necessary permits for this region of Tibet at the moment. Until then, enjoy the whole story here…

Book “mountainbike trΓ€ume” (English issue is in preparation)

You can find our experiences on this MTB trip to Tibet and many other adventure trips in the book “mountainbike dreams”, written by Gerhard Czerner and with impressive pictures by Martin Bissig.

Book “mountainbike trΓ€ume” (English issue is in preparation)
  • mountainbike trΓ€ume
  • ISBN: 9783734320248
  • 240 pages
  • Approx. 220 pictured
  • Issued in German on 14th October 2020
  • English issue in preparation


Pictures by Martin Bissig (, Video by Sebastian Doerk (

Happy friends arriving in the tibetean village of Abincun after 6 days up in the high mountains

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